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Timing and Approach
Plastic Surgery procedures should be considered only after one’s weight has stabilized after a bariatric procedure. This is usually 18 months or more, depending on an individual's preoperative weight. Performing a skin tightening procedure prior to weight stabilization may result in the need for further skin tightening in the future. It is preferred to wait at least three months between operations.
Plastic Surgery procedures following massive weight loss are usually extremely gratifying for both the patient and surgeon. The results are usually dramatic and provide a significant functional and aesthetic benefit to the patient.
Abdominoplasty (TummyTuck)
An abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck”, is a surgical procedure which smoothes, or flattens the abdominal area. Often, this is accomplished by removing excess skin and fat from the lower and middle portions of the abdomen and tightening the abdominal muscles. Circumferential torsoplasty or belt lipectomy involves removal of skin around the waist to correct the excess skin over the abdomen and lift the buttocks
The soft tissues of the upper arm can become redundant as a result of gravity and aging. This redundancy can be particularly pronounced following significant weight loss. Once the tissue of the upper arm develops this laxity, the only method to improve it is by removing the redundant skin and fat. This procedure is called a brachioplasty, or arm lift. A brachioplasty is performed by removing skin and soft tissue from the inner aspect of the arm. This redrapes the skin in this area and improves the support of the underlying soft tissue. The result is a much improved contour to the upper arm, especially when the arm is raised. There is a inconspicuously placed scar along the inner aspect of the arm, from just above the elbow to the armpit that fades over time.
Breast lift
For women, mastopexy (breast lift surgery) is a procedure to lift the breasts and may be performed with or without the addition of breast implants to improve shape, fullness and cleavage. For men, several breast reduction techniques are available, depending on the degree of correction required.
Lower Body Lift
Often when there is laxity and redundancy of the abdominal wall soft tissue, there is also laxity and redundancy of the skin and soft tissue of the thighs and buttocks. This sagging of the buttocks, thighs and flanks can distort the contour of the body as well as produce skin irregularities or cellulite. A lower body lift is an extension of a tummy tuck. It removes excess skin and fat and lifts the soft tissues of the thighs and buttocks. Some have referred to this procedure as a “face-lift” for the body. It accomplishes more than just removing redundant skin. A lower body lift actually rejuvenates the appearance of the body by tightening the supportive soft tissues of the treated areas. It also improves cellulite.
A lower body lift is a significant surgery and produces some of the most dramatic improvements in cosmetic surgery. There is a permanent scar which fades over time and is easily hidden by bikini bottoms or panties.
Thigh lift
The loose skin over the thighs is corrected by this procedure. The excess skin is removed to improve the shape of the thighs. The scars are placed in the groin crease and inner thigh.
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