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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

1. What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is typically a nose job where a surgery is performed on the nose to improve the functionality and also to alter the shape of the nose for cosmetic reasons. During a Rhinoplasty in Bangalore the surgeon improves and corrects it from irregularities thereby enhancing the appearance of the nose. Nose Job in Bangalore is also called as nasal reconstruction surgery medically.


2. How is a Rhinoplasty performed?

During a Rhinoplasty surgery, the cosmetic surgeon gains access to the delicate cartilage and the bones of the nose and reshapes it. Usually there are two procedures involved in Nose Job in Bangalore where an incision is made. The open Rhinoplasty method involves making incisions around the nose with a minor incision under the nose in order to make a connection with other parts of the nose. This procedure is mostly preferred because it provides complete access to the nose by opening it fully and gives a better view of the hidden structures of the nose. This ensures that the surgery can be made easily and also conceals the scar.  The Endonasal Rhinoplasty in Bangalore involves making surgical incisions in the passage of the nose. This method has its own advantages like elimination of scars otherwise visible, and also provides proper view of the structures inside the nose.


 3. Who is an ideal candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

Ideal candidates for a Nose Job in Bangalore are persons having a hump on the nose, persons with nostril size problems, persons having narrow breathing passages, persons having either a long nose or a short nose, persons with nose bridge problems, persons wishing to change the size and proportion of the nose and persons having an injury on the nose.

4. Which doctor performs a Rhinoplasty?

A plastic surgeon from the Best Rhinoplasty clinic in Bangalore who has vast experience in the field of plastic surgery and a certified member of the board in India is the ideal person to perform Rhinoplasty. During the course of consultation with the surgeon, the candidate for a nose job can discuss his or her preferences and the expected outcome desired. Then the surgeon explains the process of Rhinoplasty in Bangalore and based on the candidates nasal structure, evaluates and offers various options to correct and enhance the shape of the nose. He then discusses with the candidate about the previous medical history which might include surgeries done before, allergies, and suggests the required treatment. The experienced surgeon for the Nose Job in Bangalore has a well-trained team and performs the surgery in a state of the art facility.

5. How much does Rhinoplasty surgery cost?

Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost In Bangalore may vary depending on the course of treatment procedures like tip plasty, osteotomy, saddle nose, alar reduction, and implants in the nose, septal deviation or a hump nose. Depending on the condition and structure of the nose, the surgeon from the Best Rhinoplasty clinic in Bangalore advises and guides the potential candidate accordingly.

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