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Best Hair transplant in Bangalore – Say Good Bye to Baldness

Are you facing the agonizing and harrowing experience of being called a baldie all these years?  Have you always envied people with thick hair? Have those receding hairlines   let you down all these years?  Ever dreamt of flying abroad to get an expensive hair transplant done?  Tired of wearing that old fashioned cumbersome wig? Finally the wait is over. Getting a Hair transplant in Bangalore has finally come of age. Today, India boasts of world-class hair transplant centers and Hair transplant in Bangalore is affordable and convenient.

Hair restoration

What is the root cause of baldness?  Hereditary reason tops the list. No matter whatever may be the cause of your baldness, there’s good news in store for you. Getting a Hair transplant in Bangalore is now a reality.  Hair loss is definitely an annoyance. Thanks to rapid strides in technology and science, baldness can be treated through transplantation of hair. What is so unique about hair transplantation? It’s time we got down to the basics. Transplantation of hair involves the utilization of the hair from the patient’s sides and the back of the head and replanting it on the places where there is no hair. The theory behind this is known as   ‘Donor Dominance’. It is a cosmetic surgery performed under the watchful eye of qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons. If a further probe is made in to the reasons why men and women suffer from hair loss many answers are in the offing. “Male pattern baldness”, medically known as hereditary androgenetic alopecia is the number one reason for hair loss in many males. Similarly, Hereditary Female pattern hair loss is usually observed in a majority of females. When more than half the hair is lost, baldness becomes evident.

The specialists at Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic understand the precise need of the patients. Depending on the need and expectation of the patient, the surgeons try to analyze and determine the quality of the patient’s hair, apart from considering a plethora of options best suited to the patient.    Midas Hair transplant in Bangalore is fully equipped with a state of the art hair transplant centre and also boasts of highly skilled and trained personnel. The experts at Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offering Hair transplant in Bangalore ensure that there is minimum pain during the process of transplantation and very less recovery time. The patient can be assured of a natural look beaming with confidence and hair which starts growing again naturally and permanently. Thus, the patients start regaining their original look gradually.

Major misconceptions abound as far as hair loss is concerned. It must be noted that shampooing of hair regularly, donning hats or caps does not result in hair loss. Loss of 75–125 hairs per day is quite a natural phenomenon. New hair begins to grow (anagen) out of a state of dormancy (telogen). When there is perfect balance between these two stages, hair growth is steady and remains stable. There is yet another factor related to stress which can contribute to hair loss.

Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers Hair transplantation in Bangalore under the expert   guidance of Dr. M.G. Madhu Kumar, an eminent cosmetic plastic surgeon in the field of Hair transplant in Bangalore who is now available for consultation in the garden city. Cherish your long time desire to flaunt the hair you always wanted. A super specialty plastic surgeon specializing in hair restoration, Dr. Madhu Kumar’s Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers Hair transplant in Bangalore under professional guidance and state of the art modern techniques like Strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction in hair restoration and Hair transplant in Bangalore.

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