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Breast Augmentation in Bangalore- Sculpting to perfect shape

For any woman, perfect breasts are a sign of self-confidence and they also boost their self-image. Due to some reasons like heredity, breasts are usually small in size and under developed. There is a loss of symmetry and sometimes the proportion varies in shape and size . Breasts also tend to decrease their earliest shape after pregnancy and breast feeding . Infrequently , the purpose of disproportionate or small breasts could be weight loss as well .

Whatever the reason, women seem to be discontented with the way they look and Breast augmentation surgery seems to be a boon in such people’s existence. In fact, the enhancement or enlarging the breasts is Breast augmentation. It is the process of assigning implants in the breasts surgically in order to project the breasts and also to make them appear enlarged or to correct the disproportionate shape and size of the breasts. In medical terminology, this process is also known as augmentation mammoplasty.
A reputed cosmetic surgeon can perform a Breast augmentation surgery in India by following a procedure which involves administering anesthesia with options like sedation intravenously. Later on, the cosmetic surgeon identifies areas not immediately obvious in order to make an incision. Three types of incisions can be made for Breast augmentation in Bangalore, viz. Inframammary incision, Transaxillary incision and Periareolar incision.

Breast Augmentation in Bangalore
Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

The next step is the choice of implants. Generally Silicone gel breast implants are usually in usage. Normally the patient is expected to reveal her inner most desires to the surgeon about the exact shape or size the patient is expecting as an outcome of the Breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon will then decide upon the implant depending on the anatomy of the breast , the elasticity of the skin and the type of body system . The saline breast area implant for Breast augmentation contains salt water which is sterile. The implant shell is filled with saline in order to change the shape and rigidity pertaining to the breasts. It is opined that this procedure is absolutely harmless because in event of damage or breakage of the shell, the saline solution is naturally released out of the body or absorbed.

Breast Augmentation in Bangalore
Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

In case of Silicone breast implants, a gel is filled in the implant shell having a property of elasticity. The gel has a unique nature that it exactly resembles the tissues of the breasts with a similar movement. In event of damage or breakage the gel might escape into the implant pocket of the breast. There is no chance of a collapse, but is strongly advised to make a regular visit to the Cosmetic surgeon and ensure the effective functioning of the implants. This is usually done by MRI or screening via Ultrasound. FDA normally follows a procedure of approval for implants concerning Saline breast during Breast augmentation surgery for patients above the age of 18 years. In case of Silicone breast implants during augmentation of the Breast , the FDA keeps up with a process of acceptance and advises patients to be above the age of 22 years except in cases of reconstruction surgery .

Breast Augmentation in Bangalore
Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

During the process of Breast augmentation in Bangalore an implant is put inside a pocket beneath the pectoral muscle or just beneath the breast tissue i .e . putting it subglandularly . These methods of implants for Breast Augmentation surgery in Bangalore are usually determined by the extent of the expected enlargement and the type of the body as decided by the cosmetic surgeon.Finally, the surgeon closes the incision either by sutures in a layered form or by using skin adhesive and tapes. As time passes by, the incision marks tend to fade away.

In a country like India, though the average breast size is less as compared to the west, most men have an inclination and affinity for proportionate and large breasts in women. Moreover Indian women wear saris and the beauty of wearing a sari is more evident with the right shape concerning breasts. Speedy development concerning surgery cosmetically has brought Breast augmentation in India to the doorsteps literally and women can heave a sigh of relief and no longer face the trauma and embarrassment of having imperfect breasts.
Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers world class Breast augmentation in Bangalore under the expert guidance of Dr. M.G. Madhukumar, a senior Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.

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