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Nose job a.k.a. Rhinoplasty

The nose on your face tells it all. Who doesn’t know that the nose has the important location on a face and is the very first look it gets when someone sees you. It is also a known fact that not all noses are alike. Noses vary in size, shape and structure. Not everyone has a perfect fit nose. Sometimes a nose is either crooked or has an improper inclination. An imperfect nose can really spoil the beauty of the face. In such situations going for a Nose job in Bangalore would be the best alternative.

Rhinoplasty in Bangalore, nose job in Bangalore
Rhinoplasty in Bangalore, nose job in Bangalore

What exactly is a nose job? Rhinoplasty better known as a Nose job is a procedure performed surgically to change, resize or alter the shape of the nose. Performed by a cosmetic surgeon, Rhinoplasty surgery emphasizes on the resizing and alteration of the skeleton of the nose. This skeleton is made up of a combination of cartilage and bone. It must be noted that no alteration is done to the nasal skin and that the reshaped nose is perfectly conformed to the skin. The results can be phenomenal in the sense that it totally changes the outlook and appearance of a person. Moreover it is pertinent to note that the primary job of the nose is to enable breathing. Care must be taken not to make the nose very thin so as to block free respiration.

An experienced Cosmetic surgeon will work hard to ensure that the nose suits your face and fits perfectly well. It is a known fact that on nose doesn’t fit all. A perfect nose job ensures that the breathing passage is not blocked. The facial characteristics of a person must be taken into account before proceeding with a nose job. After all, the nose job must augment the facial features of a person. As far as the procedures are concerned, different approaches are usually followed by the cosmetic surgeons. The outside or open procedure is a process where an incision is made in the gap between the two nostrils also known as the columella. Another procedure for Rhinoplasty in Bangalore is known as the closed approach and in this case, many incisions are done in the inner part of the nose. It all depends on the type of the nose and the condition of the nose. Sometimes the surgeon is keen on removing the cartilage as well as the bone in order to bring about a change in the size of the nose. Sometimes a reduction is made in the tip part of the nose. This is done by cartilage removal.
A perfect nose job involves determining the right candidate. Consultation with the right surgeon is of paramount importance. Lives are changed and self-esteem is boosted. Therefore the right person for a nose job is one who feels that his nose is not perfect and desires an improvement. Age is no barrier but is strongly advised to go for one after the age of sixteen years. Proper communication is essential as far as the surgeon and the patient are concerned. Attaining a perfect nose involves meticulous planning, artistic talent of a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Madhukumar and also the total cooperation of the patient. Of course health of the patient also counts.

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