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Facial Harmony through Rhinoplasty

  • Do you have a nose that is too small?
  • Do you have a slight bump on the part of your nose bridge?
  • Do you have a nose that is wide or broad?
  • Is the tip of your nose in the shape of a bulb?
  • Does your nose appear pinched?
  • Is there an injury on your nose making it appear asymmetric or deformed?
  • Do you have problems related to breathing due to the internal nose structure?

If the answer is yes to one or several of the problems listed above, then you are the right choice for the job of Rhinoplasty also known as a Nose job.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed surgically to reshape and resize the nose structure. All the irregularities mentioned above can be surgically corrected or improved. Of course, there are options to go for a nose job, non-surgically too, like the use of fillers in order to make the bumps and the humps smoother. Sometimes, there are problems related to breathing due to the internal nose structure. Such breathing anomalies can also be corrected through Rhinoplasty. Taking the face as a base, different corrections can be made to the nose like correction of the bridge, correction of the depressions, nasal tip repositioning and creation of better symmetry.

The process of rhinoplasty in Bangalore involves incisions to expose the cartilages and the bones. In order to change the form of the nose, the surgeon can make addition or removal to the bones and the cartilage as well. It could be in the form of cartilage grafting in order to enhance the shape of the tip and also the usage of grafts to augment volume and reshape the dorsum. Rhinoplasty when done by an expert surgeon, can be considered as a time tested and proven solution. The delicate balance of the natural facial characteristics can be greatly enhanced and augmented through a good Nose Job in Bangalore. Defects relating to the structure and also deformities can be corrected. Correction for prominent or protruding tip of the nose can also be done. Sometimes, injuries are caused on the nose making it appear deformed and asymmetric. A right cosmetic surgeon can evaluate the internal structure and effectively make the correction and give the face a new look. Confidence levels are boosted and even breathing problems for structural nose defects are corrected for a deviated septum, responsible for the impairment of breathing. The harmony of the face is enhanced and the proportions of the face are rightly balanced.

Rhinoplasty in Bangalore, nose job in Bangalore
Rhinoplasty in Bangalore | Nose job in Bangalore (Image Credit: Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic)

As far as cost is concerned, many important factors must be taken into consideration. One important aspect is that related to the right surgeon. A surgeon with a good reputation and skills is usually preferred for the perfect Nose Job in Bangalore. Another important factor to be considered is that of the existing facilities in the Hospital. Safety, Hygiene and comfort are of utmost importance. After care is yet another important aspect to be considered. All these factors will influence the costing or price of Rhinoplasty in Bangalore. Dr. Madhukumar MG is a consultant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon with several years of experience in this field of rhinoplasty in Bangalore. Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Bengaluru is renowned for various cosmetic surgery procedures.

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